Download SkyFire Mobile Browser for iPhone: Flash Review

Have you ever wanted Flash on your Apple iPhone? Well if you have then you may want to download SkyFire mobile browser right now, as it is available.

Yes a cool Flash converter for the iPhone is ready for download via the App Store, it was supposed to have released tomorrow but guess they wanted you to have it sooner.

SkyFire for those that do not know is a brand new app that will allow your iPhone to play Flash content, well not exactly Flash content as it will take flash and convert it into HTML5 so it can be viewed on your Apple iPhone.

We have already mentioned that SkyFire will NOT convert all flash content like games for example and Hulu videos cannot be converted. The new app is only $2.99 (£1.79), apparently it is not yet available in the UK according to iTunes, and we have tried opening it but nothing.

For more information about SkyFire please read the full review here.

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2 thoughts on “Download SkyFire Mobile Browser for iPhone: Flash Review”

  1. Sam says:

    It no longer comes up in the AppStore search results. It was in the list of Top Paid Apps up until about 5 minutes ago but now it appears to have mysteriously vanished. 🙁

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