Twitter Android App Update: Major New Features

Android users are going to be so happy with the new Twitter update, and trust us this is a major one at that with many new features.

Mashable got their hands on the new Twitter Android update and they say its comes with many new features that are more customized, much faster and makes life tweeting easier, there are many changes and here are a few.

The Tweet details page is much better, if you click on a tweet there will be links that you can easily click on to favorite a tweet or retweet, it is laid out much better at the bottom of the page.

How about a new feature called Swipe to reveal, this is one of the best bits about the update that most twitters will love. Just swipe your finger across a tweet and it will give you an option to access easy-to-read profile, basically it gives you more info about a user.

Another feature is Pull to Refresh where the hunting game is over finding the refresh button, it is now simple by pulling down at the top of you tweet stream to get the latest 140-character news.

The there is quote a Tweet, which is a nice addition if you hate the retweet button; there is the new option that allows you to “quote” a tweet.

Please let us know what you think of the new Twitter for Android major update and its new features. You can read more about this update via the Twitter Blog

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