White iPhone 4 Why You’re Not Getting it: Humour Video

So is Apple or isn’t Apple going to deliver the promised white iPhone 4? Well the rumour is, and everything points to, that Apple has cancelled the white iPhone 4 although Apple isn’t saying why. But what we have here is probably more near the truth of the matter.

This slap at Apple over the white iPhone 4 comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of Mr. Hogg and features that every strangle-able Steve Jobs muppet ranting in his usual manner as to why there is no white version of the iPhone 4.

Have to give a small warning here, this video does include some bad language so you have been warned. I have to say though this lovable muppet does seem to tell it how it is, including those white iPhone 4 hopefuls hanging on for 6 months without any other contact from Apple.

Anyway if you aren’t one of the iPhone faithful you’ll probably enjoy and agree with this humorous video, so head on down and jab that play button.

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