Confused: Is T-Mobile Going to Sell Apple iPhone? NO

This is the bit where we are a little confused, why? Well we would like to know if T-Mobile is going to sell the Apple iPhone, the reason we ask this is because they have apparently started selling iPhone charging cables.

Now this seems a little weird to sell Apple cables considering they do not sell the iPhone itself, now tell me you are not slightly confused.

This either means T-Mobile is getting the iPhone or they are trying their best to help all iPhone unlockers by providing them with Apple accessories, has the iPhone ever been unlocked to work with T-Mobile, but then again according to Wireless Ground the 3G for iPhones is not available if you are using them on T-Mobile because they use a different wireless band for 3G than AT&T and of course most of the world.

The charger cables in question will work on iPhones and iPads, we would love to know what your thoughts are on the above. Do you think T-Mobile is about to sell the Apple iPhone or do you think they are just simply selling Apple products to cater iPhone unlockers?

Phones Review Personal View Update: We have looked into this and like Product Reviews it is the Micro SIM for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, oops bet this one got you going.


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