Will Verizon iPhone Release Date Be Announced November 9?

All the talks and all the rumours of the new Verizon iPhone is very hot indeed and everyone is wondering if it will officially be announced soon, we have already reported via sources that it could release early 2011.

But we would love to know if Verizon Wireless would announce the new iPhone 4 on Verizon November 9, if this were true then we only have 3 days to wait to hear the official news.

According to USA News Week a Verizon insider named “Iconic Device” it is all ready to be announced on the above date (This day is Tuesday), we are a little skeptical because no invitations for events etc has been handed out yet, wait and see is the three words here.

If anyone has any information on the Verizon iPhone being announced officially on November 9 please do let us know, do you think this will happen?


17 thoughts on “Will Verizon iPhone Release Date Be Announced November 9?”

  1. Josh says:

    I would love for Verizon to get the iPhone, i am currently due for an upgrade. But unfortunately I will have to go with the Droid 2. Because Verizon will not get the iPhone. There network is incapable of supporting it.

    1. Jay says:

      Actually the network WILL be capable of supporting it. Under the upcoming 4g network, verizon will be turning to microsim for 4g capability so as to be able to use the 700 MHz spectrum. The network will be GSM soon.
      How do I know? Because I manage a Verizon Wireless and our system has changed to allow input of 4g sim ID numbers. You just didn't have the patience 😉

      1. Praveen says:

        Really? no offense or anything but it seems as if it is not going to be the iphone….and i mean everyone says, "oh, i've talked to people at verizon and they told me that this is coming out and stuff," unless there is solid proof, i would not believe it.

  2. jm34 says:

    VZ doesn't inform store employees of big releases until two days prior to launch. Everyone claiming to have inside information is nothing more than speculating like the rest of us.

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