New T-Mobile Ad Slaps iPhone and AT&T Again: Video

Well you have to hand it to T-Mobile, they are certainly using the iPhone and AT&T to promote their T-Mobile myTouch 4G smartphone, and have once again given the Big Blue and the iconic iPhone a slap in their latest advert.

This new T-Mobile myTouch 4G advert comes out way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and delivers 41 seconds of T-Mobile’s girl gloating over the digging iPhone guy and the AT&T overseer, and of course hits on the fact that FaceTime is restricted to WiFi.

The point of the advert is to let you know that you’d probably feel a lot freer when video chatting with the T-Mobile myTouch 4G than the iPhone as the device allows the user to video chat without using WiFI.

Anyway that’s about the gist of it, although one wonders if Apple will start hitting back at T-Mobile when teir next round of iPhone ads comes out, but until then head on down, mash the play button and check out this latest T-Mobile myTouch 4G advert…enjoy.


8 thoughts on “New T-Mobile Ad Slaps iPhone and AT&T Again: Video”

  1. Samual Dudynsky says:

    Dude, FYI. You are the only dufus on the internet who refers to AT&T as "Big Blue". IBM has forever been known as "Big Blue". AT&T is "The Death Star".

  2. Cmerk says:

    Incredibly blatant, not to mention lame, ripoff of the “Hello I’m a Mac” commercials. I guess it’s not enough to copy Apple’s hardware and software; Competitors now also have to mimic their ad campaigns.

  3. Adrian says:

    They really should try to be more creative with their advertisements. When I see this ad, I just think that they couldn't be bothered to think of their own ad campaign and had to copy their competitors. Couldn't they even try to be remotely original? It's just laziness on their marketing team.

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