Would You Play Angry Birds Like This? Video

As you are probably aware, the multi-platform game Angry Birds is going great guns on the iPhone, Symbian^3 devices and of course on the Android platform, but would Angry Birds be so popular if it was like what we have in this video for your viewing pleasure today?

The video is of a paper stop-motion version of Angry Birds made by @GregoryCortez and comes our way courtesy of Kat Hannaford over at Gizmodo and lasts 50 seconds.

One has to wonder if this was how the hugely popular Angry Birds game first came about but I’m fairly sure that in this day and age Rovio used plenty of technology to formulate those pig hating birds.

Certainly not any comparison to the mobile Angry Birds game, but as everyone seems to be crazy about the game these days, making such stuff as costumes then obviously someone was going to try and make their own Angry Birds video. So head on down, mash that play button and check out Angry Birds amateur style…enjoy.

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