Android LG Optimus S and T Reviewed on Video

We have a video review of a couple of new Android devices for your viewing pleasure today in the form of the LG Optimus T for T-Mobile and the LG Optimus S for Sprint, both handsets fall into the affordable range without being considered “cheap” devices.

The LG Optimus S and Optimus T video review comes our way courtesy of Myriam Joire, of Engadget Mobile and delivers an eighteen minute long review of both sibling handsets although the LG Optimus T is GSM while the LG Optimus S is CDMA.

Joire says that both handsets feel comfortable and solid in the hand and the build quality is excellent, and reminiscent of the HTC Hero. The 3.2 inch capacitive touch screen is responsive although he’s unsure if it is glass or high-grade plastic.

Both the LG Optimus T and Optimus S share the same overall design and layout there are a few differences, and well if you want to find out those differences you’ll need to head on down, mash that play button and check out this lengthy review…enjoy.


7 thoughts on “Android LG Optimus S and T Reviewed on Video”

  1. graham says:

    Just purchased 2 of the Optimus S.

    When making an outgoing phone call, as soon as you hit send, the phone screen goes blank. (The call is still going through…you can hear it ringing etc) but you CANNOT end the phone call because nothing works. The screen doesn't work (blank) and the power button doesn't do anything. It just dies but you cannot hangup. The only way to stop the phone call is to remove the back and take the battery off.

    Anyone else have that problem? It is happening on both of the brand new phones.

  2. graham says:

    Regarding my last comment, I contacted Sprint and they had to remotely reboot both phones. I guess it can be a common occurance on these type of phones FYI.

    Seems to be working now.

  3. Steve says:

    I have tried 3 different phones and they all have done the same thing. About every other call the screen goes blank and the only way to fix is either remove the battery or have someone else call you back. Does anyone have any fixes? ????

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