Rogers Upcoming Q4 Devices Exposed

So what smartphones and mobile devices can people over in Canada expect to see coming from Rogers Wireless in Q4? Well it appears that there are no secrets left in the mobile arena as most get outed before they are supposed to and this has now happened with the Rogers Q4 roadmap.

According to Jonathan S. Geller, of the Boy Genius Report, they have come into possession of a document that reveals what Rogers handsets are coming in Q4 2010 beginning in February 2011.

Thus it appears that Rogers customers can expect such devices as the Research In Motion BlackBerry Bold 9780, the Nokia N8, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak and Samsung Focus all to hit in Q4.

There’s even some pricing revealed like the Dell Streak will be $149.99 on contract or $549.99 without, BlackBerry Bold 9780 $149.99 on contract or $499.99 without, Samsung Focus $199.99 on contract or $599.99 without, and the Nokia N8 $79.99 on contract or $449.99 without.

The BGR has loads of images of what’s on offer from Rogers in Q4, although they do stipulate that not all pricing is finalised, so hit up their website to check them out.

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