Another Made By Nokia N8 Action Spy Flick: Video

Seems everyone is getting out their Nokia N8 smartphone and making movies these days, although the one we have for you today isn’t in the same class as the Nokia N8 The Commuter, but more of an amateur action flick.

The video below comes our way courtesy of Jay Montano over at My Nokia Blog and by way of Imaginenarwhals, and delivers three and a half minutes of tongue in cheek humours action movie action featuring three sexy girls.

Of course the whole production was filmed using and staring the Symbian^3 Nokia N8 and is a cross between an extremely low budget Charlie’s Angels and Mission Impossible that feature three hot girls who are called Femme Fatale.

Anyway, any excuse to watch three attractive girls doing there thing, even if the acting is somewhat bad, so head on down and hit the play button to check out this made by the Nokia N8 movie…enjoy.


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