T-Mobile LG Optimus T Unboxed on Video

We have a traditional unboxing video for your viewing pleasure today of the Android 2.2 packing LG Optimus T smartphone on the T-Mobile network, which can be viewed by skipping down below and hitting the play button.

The T-Mobile LG Optimus T unboxing video comes our way courtesy of Brad Molen over at Unwired View and lasts just over four minutes of taking a look at the mid range LG Optimus T handset which is due to be available this festive season.

The unboxing of the T-Mobile LG Optimus T doesn’t actually get into a deep review of the device but rather concentrates on what one will find in the box along with how the smartphone will look in the hand, but the guys have promised a full on review in a few days time.

The LG Optimus T handset will be available on the T-mobile network as of the 3rd of November and will command a price tag of $29.99, so all you need to do now if you are an Android, LG or T-Mobile fan is punch that play button, sit back and enjoy.

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