iPhone Angry Birds Rakes in Cash with Huge Download Figure

The really hot mobile phone game Angry Birds is doing rather well for its maker Rovio and has been climbing up the ranks of popularity on multiple platforms such as the iPhone, Symbian and Android, and on the iPhone has now reached a staggering download figure.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Dusan Belic and by way of Pocket Gamer, Angry Birds has now been downloaded from the App Store an enormous 10 million times, and if you also take into consideration the other platforms, it appears Rovio is doing reasonably well.

Angry Birds for iPhone is a paid game at $0.99 and for the iPad costs $4.99, Symbian Angry Birds costs €3 while on the Android platform the game is free, but if you add up all those paid figures Rovio Angry Birds is raking in the cash.

Dusan add a little perspective for us with the knowledge that Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and Michael Jackson’s Bad, have not been purchased by that many people so makes Angry Birds really stand out as a hugely popular game.

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