Is iOS 4.2 November Release 9th or 12th? Place Bets

iOS 4.2 GM was released to developers last week and now everyone wants to know when the new software will release for public use.

There are many dates that it might release, and these are November 7th, 8th and 9th, some are even saying if it could be the 12th like Mac9to5, when do you think the release date will be?

Most are saying it could be the 9th or 12th but no one knows for sure as of yet so it is the time to be patient, sit back and wait, the source above reports that it is gearing up to be on November 9th or November 12th.

It is the iPad that will see significant features once the iOS 4.2 is released like Game Center, folders, multitasking and much more, the update will also bring AirPrint, AirPlay and other minor enhancements like text tones and iPad wallpapers etc.

Right up until release we will be bringing you much more news covering iOS 4.2 so please keep coming back as you really do not want to miss this. So please place you bets as to when you think the iOS 4.2 release date will be.

Source – UberGizmo


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