Android 2.1 Eclair Motorola CLIQ Update: Mad Installation Guide

If you own the Motorola Cliq you will happy to know that the Android 2.1 Éclair update is now available, but it does come with a mad installation guide (Long is what it is).

Now officially available for the Motorola Cliq (NOT XT model) update comes as a downloadable .zip. And not an OTA, the update features quite a lot though such as resizeable widgets, home screens, widgets for toggling wireless connections and a new music player.

After you have updated you will enjoy (The next bit comes courtesy of Android Police):

* More Google apps — Google Speech-to-Text, Google Turn-by-Turn Navigation, Google Voice Search and others have been added to make your CLIQ even more functional
* New Android Market — Access to a larger range of apps specifically designed for devices using Android 2.1 or later
* Improved multimedia apps — Media Gallery and Connected Music Player have been enhanced for better interaction with your media

After the update, you’ll have more space on your Home screen, and more ways to customize it:

* You’ll have 7 screens to make your own.
* Resize your widgets! You can make them larger or smaller. They also rearrange easily when you drag them to new locations on your Home screen.
* Customize your Happenings and Messaging widgets by selecting the updates and messages you want to display.
* Have a few people who you always call or email or text? The new Contact quick tasks widget lets you put a picture of a contact on your homescreen and assign quick actions for that contact. So, with one touch you can call their cell or home phone, or start a text message. Talk about instant access! Resize the widget and you can add even more actions/quick tasks.

The update includes other great features too:
* Use widgets to toggle Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi on and off; connect when you need to, turn it off to save your battery.
* Task Manager — New feature provides information about programs running on your phone, eliminating the need for 3rd party task manager apps.
* Find and play more music, get full screen lyrics, album art, song identification, and view what others around you are listening to with Connected Music Player (MP3 Player, and Internet Radio). You can also now download songs using Amazon MP3.
* Save a quick note on your Home screen with the Sticky Note widget.
* Try out these improved widgets: Calendar, and Weather.
* Exchange now has Global Address Lookup, address history lookup, and Push ActiveSync. And now you can multiselect emails (if you want to delete a bunch at once, for example).

You can download via Motorola, for more information please visit Android Police. Please let us know how you get on with the new update. All we say is good luck

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