Apple iPad 2 Promos Made Ahead of Jan 2011 Launch

Apple obviously has the new iPad 2 scheduled for a launch and the rumour is that the new iPad 2 will see launch in January 2011, and this rumour has been given a little more credence with word that iPad 2 adverts have already been made.

According to an article over on Gaj-it by way of 9to5 Mac, British photographer David Sims shot the iPad 2 adverts last month at Pier 59 in New York, and the shooting apparently had heavy security and those involved were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Signing a non-disclosure seems somewhat pointless as this kind of thing usually leaks out anyway but it probably gives Apple a feeling of control over the situation, and although it’s been leaked about the iPad 2 advert shoot nothing else has come out about the device.

The probable reason for this is no doubt that word has it Apple actually used an iPad 1 for the shoot which will be digitally replaced to match the iPad 2 post production, which should tell us that the iPad 2 will probably be the same size as the original iPad rather than a smaller 7 inch version.

There are of course a few more rumours on what the new iPad 2 will feature such as a Retina Display, FaceTime, and front and rear facing cameras although all these are purely speculation and unconfirmed at the moment. So any of our readers have any suggestions as to what features they would like to see on the Apple iPad 2 when it does launch?


28 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 Promos Made Ahead of Jan 2011 Launch”

  1. abdull1996 says:

    I would really want 2 cameras in it, and it would be great if it could send SMS and MMS. I also want it to be thinner and lighter. And the most important thing that i want in it a better contrast screen, because Ipad 1 has a very low contrast, with a better screen comes a better Ipad for me. 🙂 Thats all what i could think of right now.

  2. SEAN COYNE says:

    Hello, im getting the ipad 2, i was one of the clever ones that stayed clear of the 1st generation, but alls i really want is the retina screen. A camera would be good, but only if it was a very high mega pixel/HD camera. There my thought hope to see everyones when this becomes bigger news.

  3. Alexa says:

    I certainly hope that iPad 2 retains its original size. I think reducing the screen to 7 inches would be a very bad idea for those of us who expect superb image display of photos, movies, and gaming.

  4. Mark says:

    I'm also waiting for the ipad 2, but I can't see them using a retina display. The extra processing power required to push all those pixels would, I think, be a struggle for the current hardware. I hope I'm proven wrong though & Apple upgrade the hardware too.

  5. Pat says:

    I would love a 7 inch screen. Makes it much easier to carry through the airport when I'm traveling. However, that's not going to happen (at least not yet). Even if it did, they would still keep the 9 inch version too.

  6. Tom says:

    They should release it with 2 cameras, perhaps a mini USB, better resolution screen and perhaps, so everyone’s happy, both 9 and 7 inch models. They did it with the MBA, why not the iPad 2? But retina displays aren’t cheap, so it’s not certain we’ll see one here.

  7. steve jobs says:

    128gb or 256gb with micro sd expansion, not fussed for rear facing camera, as if i am going to hold up a 7 or 9 inch table to take a photo……… i feel sorry for all the mugs that bought an ipad first time round (not even a year)…. even car manufacturers wait 3 years for new models to come out….. but thats the upgrade system for you!!

  8. Yeah, at least on the iPhones they can subsidize the retail cost a little since AT&T is making money (and so is Apple) off the monthly wireless fees. Everyone wants much more, but who's really willing to pay extra for that stuff? Are you okay with an extra $200 added to the cost? Or even $100? Everyone wants something for nothing. I agree though all those extras would be nice. I too want one, but don't really "need" one. I have a iPhone 4, 27in iMac, MacBook Pro, etc. My cousin got the Wifi only version and it is pretty slick, especially the LogMeIn application that allows you to remote desktop all of your PC's and Mac's. Works like a charm. Hope it comes out sooner than later. I'd buy one right now.

  9. I think it should have a better processor, usb, and a camera. That's about it. I want to get this for my mom since she's always wanted to learn how to use a computer but the iPad is just so much simpler and big enough to read and do basic stuff. So in that sense its perfect for her, not me though.

  10. Amanda H says:

    It would be really nice to be able to use the 3G capabilities to call out or recieve calls with a bluetooth ear device. It would look silly holding the iPad up to your face, but with the amount of people who are already using hands free devices, why not save money from the doubled up charges from the 3G on your iPhone and just do it all with your iPad?

    1. Ali Z says:

      good idea, but that would create a problem for them , ud technically be merging Iphone and Ipad . and smart business thinking wouldnt allow that. eventually they will take that step , but only when the time is right , maybe 2 years from today they will when they have dried out the market from selling ipads.
      What they should consider is integrating the functionality of iphone 4 with the ipad2 making one the clone of the other.
      the camera is def going to be in the ipad2 , and in my opinion i think the should consider using a micro usb port for full connectivity.

  11. jeetra says:

    More powerful processor, be able to run torrents and stream to xbox, same shape as iphone 4. Ability to utilise the 3g connection from iphone 4 with no extra charge sim.

  12. Dave says:

    As always apple release a low spec product then shortly after release a more expesive and upgraded version to rip off all the apple lovers who buy these things because it's an apple

  13. colin says:

    Here's what to do: As soon as they release iPad 2 the current iPad will plunge in price. Wait four weeks and then buy the old iPad at its lowest price ($100?). Use it this year then pick up the iPad 2 in the same way next year – you can give the old iPad to your granny as a present. Early Adopters of technology have no sense of economics.

    1. Tony says:

      What you mean like the price of the iPhone dropped really fast? I think you will find that the iPad stays at a good price – besides there are so many good uses for them that having 2 would not be a problem!

  14. As for when it is coming, looks to be April, but other speculation is as early as 3-4 weeks from now.
    I run a website at http://ipad2sales.com and we try and read up as much as we can every day, and keep everyone up to date on the iPad2 specs, and release date. We would love to have the editors of this blog, and their visitors check us out! We encourage interaction, and would love some feedback.

  15. I list my wants for the iPad on my website, but here we go:

    -FLASH (ALL TYPES) SUPPORT! Get over the feud!
    -Expandable Memory.
    -USB port to make available external keyboard/mouse. yes, I would still like to be able to use them, and not JUST touch.
    -larger on-board memory
    -HDMI output

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