Can You Handle It Apple? Verizon iPhone, iOS 4.2, iPhone 5, iPad 2

Can Apple cope with so many new products and releases for rest of 2010 and of course 2011? New products to be released are the Verizon iPhone, the iPhone 5, iOS 4.2 (This is coming any day now), and the new iPad 2.

Talk about to much making their hands very full indeed, they wish if rumours of above releases are true to give us all these products within the space of the next 6 months give or take, 4 products and they couldn’t even make a white iPhone.

The Verizon iPhone has had many speculated release dates, we even asked the question will Verizon announce the smartphone on November 9, if this is true then we only need wait 2 more days.

We have talked about the Apple iPhone 5 with rumoured release dates being around February or March 2011; we have also talked about five crazy ideas the new smartphone could feature.

What about the new Apple iPad 2 that will be releasing in 2011 with new features, such as a built-in camera etc, and that is a few products let alone new Macbooks, software and many others.

Do you think Apple can cope with this amount of products about to be released? We will bring you so much more news on each of the products mentioned above so please come back.


5 thoughts on “Can You Handle It Apple? Verizon iPhone, iOS 4.2, iPhone 5, iPad 2”

  1. Ruud says:

    What about the iPhone 4, anywhere out of the US? Good phones are only good if you can get one. Out for four months now here in Europe, and shops still say that 'maybe' they'll get some iphone 4's in the next 'couple of weeks or so'. 'Probably'. 'They were told.'
    Apple designs great stuff – but it is getting harder and harder for them to actually deliver the goods. And thàt might kill them in the end. Unfortunately. 'Cause if you need a new phone, you're not going o wait for 3 months to buy one.

  2. Felix P. Farquhar says:

    iOS 4.2 will not take much resource at all (surely there will be an iOS 4.3 and 4.4 before the iPhone 5 comes out anyhow?). The Verizon iPhone will surely be a standard iPhone 4 with a CDMA ship in it, little more than a minor modification.

    The iPhone 5 and the iPad 2 are the only big releases. Typically Apple start working on the next model straight after releasing the old one, which means they have had since March and July of 2010, hardly a short timescale compared to the number of mobile handsets Nokia for instance has released in the same timescale.

  3. jared says:

    umm ok i think there just delaying the white iphone 4 and gonna save it for use on verizon. And this post is sort of ridiculous. Apple is one of the biggest tech companies world wide if they cant handle it they could just get employees

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