iPhone 5 Crazy Ideas: Features Apple Could Add

When it comes to the iPhone 5 no one knows what new features it will have so we decided to dig around and see what features it could have if Apple puts their minds to it, got to admit we are liking the way this is going.

As you know, the Apple iPhone in white is not being released anymore and there are lots of talks about the Verizon iPhone, well for now we will give you a break and concentrate on the iPhone 5 and its future features.

The iPhone Download Blog has put together a lovely list of the top 5 controversial features that we could possibly see on the iPhone 5 smartphone, here goes are you ready.

Apple always likes to push the boat out and make us sit back in awe when they release products, bring a phone out with these specs below and we will bow down and say Apple you are legends.

ARE YOU SITTING DOWN? Good, then we shall begin: We have added some of our own features as well.

    1) How about Built-in wireless syncing capabilities
    2) Inductive charging like Palm did, add this into the iPhone 5 Apple unless you are scared
    3) How about a built in SIM Card, card technology will be a thing of the past soon so change the old now Apple
    4) When we purchase the iPhone 5 how about adding Bluetooth headphones
    5) Get rid of the SIM card slot
    6) Get rid of the 30-pin connector
    7) Get rid of the headphone jack
    8) Would be good to see a smartphone with no hardware whatsoever, use different technology to listen to music, like Bluetooth, we do not need leads to list to music or for charging
    9) Better camera, you know like an 8 to 12 megapixel lens
    10) Hey maybe you will laugh, but what about a WHITE iPhone 5
    11) How about making the iPhone with Gorilla glass
    12) A better antenna so we don’t have to cover a sexy looking phone with a piece of crap ugly bumper case

Please let us know what you think of the iPhone 5 crazy ideas above, and please do let us know if you have any ideas of what the next Apple smartphone should have.


6 thoughts on “iPhone 5 Crazy Ideas: Features Apple Could Add”

  1. Mike says:

    Here are some CRAZY ideas:

    – PROPER multi-tasking
    – Desktop widgets / gadgets
    – WiFi tethering so you don't need 2 contracts for internet connection

    but hey, this is all just too much to ask!

  2. Ian says:

    Seeing that the iphone battery lasts (half a day),

    I would like to see a SOLAR panel under the glass back plate, so you can trickle charge it anywhere for FREE…

  3. Ian says:

    Or maybe an iPhone with a pull-out kick stand or shaped so that can stand on it’s side to watch YouTube movies ect,

    without having to hold it in your hand or prop-it up…

  4. Cena norman says:

    My suggestion are as below:

    1) Bluetooth function that can communicate with other type of phone (not only among iphone – its so silo)

    2) Video call – currently only support for iphone 4 users, make it possible to connect with all phones)

    3) Built in messaging function among iphone users (like blackberry – currently available through 3rd party app only)

    4) Built in call service using internet.

    5) Map function (currently only can estimate distance & direction from current location to a new destination. Hopefully it can also estimate from 2 different location (not only from current location)

    6) Built in multipurpose remote controls for house apps ( i.e fan, tv, airconds, dvd, etc)

    7) Can track other iphone locations – built in apps (with granted permissions from the other party)

    8) Itunes can custom make ringtones that doesnt limit until 20s (or ringtones & alarms that support mp3)

    9) Supports flash videos

    I think thats all i wish future iphone has. Most of it are actually basic function that other phones supports.


  5. Derik says:

    1 Speech to text SMS and search (like Droid)
    2 WiFi Router (like Droid)
    3 JAVAScript/Flash Support
    4 Fully customizable springboard (without needing to jailbreak)

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