Windows Phone 7 Doing Great as UK Sells Out

It appears that Microsoft may have a success on their hands with their latest operating system, Windows Phone 7, especially when it comes to the United Kingdom and on the Orange network

According to an article over on Digital Trends by Jeffrey Van Camp, The Register has stated that Orange UK and sold out of Windows Phone 7 devices and thus in response to demand Orange is now allowing pre-orders for WP7 devices and offering a £20 HMV voucher for those having to wait for their device.

Word also has it that both Samsung and HTC Windows Phone 7 smartphones are selling out as quickly as they ship, and the reason being offered up for blame is low initial shipments along with HTC dealing with software issues and Samsung having a shortage of AMOLED displays.

A News Factor spokesperson has said, “We have been working with our handset partners to roll out Windows Phone 7 devices across our retail footprint as swiftly as possible. We can confirm that, as part of this process, we have been running a pre-order service whereby customers are given an incentive in those stores who have yet to receive stock, and we are working with our suppliers to meet customer demand as a number-one priority.”

So it would appear that Windows Phone 7 is gaining quite a following in the UK, so do any of our readers plan on grabbing a Windows Phone 7 smartphone?


3 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7 Doing Great as UK Sells Out”

  1. Marco says:

    I 'upgraded' to an HTC mozart but have sent it back. Lovely sexy phone, BUT:
    Couldn't tether. Big problem as I like to work on trains, in airports etc etc.
    Couldn't USB Mass Storage. Need to have Zune installed to transfer media files. Not good if I just want to plug into brothers computer to download a pdf, or word document. OK can email those, but how about a 500mb video file of nephews birthday party? Can't even install Zune onto iMac or Linux.
    No Apps available! Most of the Apps I had before were not available.
    No Copy Paste. A real pain when you need it.
    No Multi tasking!
    No removable SD card… limited to 8gb for 2yrs, no thanks

    If it does everything you want from a phone though, it is great… a real pleasure to use.

  2. darren says:

    marco is obviously just a troll,probly a apple or android fanboy in anger at phone 7 success ,only an idiot would buy a phone without knowing its specs , u fail

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