Verizon Touts Apple iPad in Commercial: Video

As you are no doubt aware even though Verizon Wireless still doesn’t offer a Verizon iPhone they do offer the Apple iPad in a WiFi bundle along with their Mi-Fi, and now the Big Red has aired a commercial touting the Apple iPad.

The new Verizon iPad and Mi-Fi commercial is called Breakaway and the video comes our way courtesy of Rene Ritchie of TiPb and lasts the usual length for a TV spot and introduced all the magic of iPad on Verizon.

Of course the commercial also touts “all the nationwide power and reliability of Verizon,” but then the Big Red isn’t just going to advertise the iPad without promoting their network are they.

Anyway not a great deal more to add other than with version now offering one Apple product perhaps after Christmas we will finally see the Verizion iPhone being advertised by the Big Red. Hit up the video below to check out that iPad advert…enjoy.


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