Apple iPad iOS 4.2 Feature Guide Tour Video

If you are an Apple gear fan you’ll know that the Apple iPad is due to gain iOS 4.2 this month and with it comes numerous features, so what we have for your viewing pleasure today is a video of iOS 4.2 for the Apple iPad.

The iOS 4.2 for the iPad walkthrough video comes our way courtesy of Rene Ritchie over at TiPb and delivers a nice long ten minutes look at what iOS 4.2 brings to the iPad including multitasking, game center, TV show rentals from iOS 4.1, folders, unified inbox and more.

Ritchie has also gone into great depth with his article on iOS 4.2 for the iPad including an abundance of images so if you want to check out the complete article head over to their website.

However if you don’t have time for that you can get all the important information you need to know by heading on down and mashing the play button on this 10 minute walkthrough of iOS 4.2 for the iPad…enjoy.

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