Windows Phone 7 Running on HTC HD2 Captured on Video

As you are probably aware when Microsoft launched their latest operating system, Windows Phone 7 they had specific hardware specs which meant that WP7 wouldn’t be compatible with previous Windows devices.

However no matter what Microsoft says there is always some bright spark that can port a new OS over to an older Windows Mobile handset and in this case that handset happens to be the HTC HD2.

Prevoiusly the HTC HD2 has seen hacks delivering Ubuntu and Android 2.2 with Sense and has even been overclocked, but the latest hack sees Windows Phone 7 playing nice o the HTC HD2 and we have some video footage of is happening.

The video below comes our way courtesy of Kelly Hodgkins over at Intomobile and by way of Youku and apparently the HTC HD2 successfully boots into Windows Phone along with loading the start menu, games hub and picture hub, responds well to touch and can do pinch and zoom.

So even though Microsoft says WP7 isn’t for the likes of the HTC HD2 handset it now is and you can check it out by punching that play button on the video below…enjoy.

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