HTC 7 Mozart MicroSD Card Upgrade How To or Not

If you purchase a HTC 7 Mozart Windows Phone 7 handset you’ll find that the device is limited to an 8GB microSD card; however that 8GB microSD card is swappable but it will cost more than the price of an SD card to swap that 8GB for a 32GB.

According to an article over on Engadget by Darren Murph, Andy Hamilton decided he wanted to swap out his HTC 7 Mozart 8GB SD card and set about doing so and found it isn’t as easy as one may think.

Thus in order to locate the 8GB SanDisk Class 4 microSD card Hamilton set about performing an iFixit style disassemble of the HTC 7 Mozart and found that is isn’t that easy and made a few mistakes along the way.

So it seems you can swap the microSD card in the HTC 7 Mozart Windows Phone 7 handset as long as you are prepared to throw caution to the wind and risk completely destroying your device in the process, something we personally don’t recommend.

You can view the full HTC 7 Mozart microSD upgrade post over at Life In The Fast Lane, and if you do give it a go then feel free to let us know how you get on by dropping us a comment.

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