Android Samsung Continuum Handled on Video

Yesterday Samsung held an Android event where it was rumoured they would unleash the Samsung Continuum and maybe some word on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, alas no word on Gingerbread but they did officially come clean with the Samsung Continuum.

Naturally after such an occasion the hands-on videos start hitting the net waves and thus we have a hands-on with the Samsung Continuum video for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Ross Miller, over at Engadget.

The Samsung Continuum hands-on delivers just over two minutes of footage of being up close and personal with the latest smartphone out of the Samsung camp and starts off by giving us a decent look at the Samsung Continuum’s ticker app.

I’ll stop right there as not to spoil your viewing of the Samsung Continuum hands-on, so all you need to do now is punch that play button and check out this Verizon exclusive Android smartphone…enjoy.

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