Turkey Blast: Reloaded iPhone Game for Thanksgiving

Now after you’ve completely stuffed yourself with turkey this Thanksgiving why not relax and let all that food digest by playing a game on your iPhone? You’ve eaten your turkey and now you can shoot a few and have some fun doing so with Turkey Blast: Reloaded for iPhone.

The Turkey Blast: Reloaded game for the iPhone is a customisable action packed arcade shooter loaded with un-lockable prizes, with each of the 14 un-lockable weapons delivering a unique way of punishing the turkeys.

Turkey Blast: Reloaded for the iPhone features 12 unique locations, 12 different turkeys, 14 weapons, 7 prize categories with over 70 un-lockable prizes, unlimited levels and bonus rounds, Game Center achievements and leaderboards and much more.

When working your way through Turkey Blast: Reloaded every game session awards the user with coins which can unlock in-game prizes such as turkeys, scenes, obstacles, background music, silly cartoons and weapons. Turkey Blast: Reloaded is available to download to your iPhone from iTunes in time for Thanksgiving for free.

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