iOS 4.2 vs Android 2.3: The Popularity Vote

Apple is releasing the new iOS 4.2 and Google is releasing its Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread and we would like to be a pain is the rear and call this a popularity vote.

Is Apple more popular than Google or is it the other way round? Apple is releasing its iOS 4.2 any day now and so is Google about to release its brand new Android 2.3 update, we want you to vote below what one you will be installing as this gives us an idea of what you want.

The iOS 4.2 could hit anytime from today up until the 12th November, Gingerbread (Android 2.3) is coming this month also according to The Register, the Android update will go to developers first like iOS 4.2 GM went to developers and then the Android 2.3 update will go public.

In a nutshell are you waiting for iOS 4.2 or are you waiting for the Android 2.3 update please vote below.

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4 thoughts on “iOS 4.2 vs Android 2.3: The Popularity Vote”

  1. bdpowell81 says:

    I happen to think Android will be the new OS. Apple has had its fun but won’t stay on top. The only other OS I feel will destroy all competition is RIMS new QNX software.

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