Windows Phone 7 Loopt App Now Available: Video

If you use a Windows Phone 7 device the Loopt app for WP7 can now be downloaded from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, and we have a video for your viewing pleasure which shows off Loopt for Windows Phone 7 which you can view below.

The Loopt app for Windows Phone 7 devices video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of WMPoweruser and delivers just over five and a half minutes of the co-founder and CEO of Loopt, Sam Altman showcasing the app.

The Windows Phone 7 Loopt app offers such stuff as a social map whereby the user can see where their friends are whilst discovering the places their friends like to visit, the ability to quickly share updates and photos with friends, the ability to “ping” friends rather than send a long massage asking where they are, and more.

So really if you want to know all about the Loopt app for Windows Phone 7 smartphone, you need to head on down, mash that play button and check out Loopt of WP7…enjoy.

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