New Symbian^3 Browser Delayed Tweets Murtazin

Now we know what Nokia thins of Eldar Murtazin, but on occasion the editor of Mobile-review does come up with some interesting things when it comes to Nokia, and a recent Twitter post by Murtazin hits on the new Symbian^3 browser.

According to an article over on My Nokia Blog by Jay Montano, Murtazin who says in a recent tweet, believes that the new Symbian^3 browser has been delayed and wont appear until February next year.

Apparently the new Symbian^3 browser what rumoured expected to appear back in October but didn’t show but then Symbian could have rescheduled for a February release, as nothing has really been released on the matter.

Mind you before tweeting that the Symbian^3 browser is delayed Murtazin also tweeted that “Symbian is dead, that’s clear from news….No need to put more pressure to the dead OS.”

So make of this what you will, if Symbian is dead then why bother delaying the Sybian^3 browser? Anyone have any views on this subject?

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