iOS 4.2 Update: Will iPhone 3G Users Risk Download?

The Apple iOS 4.2 is about to launch hopefully this week and we would like to know if iPhone 3G users will download the new update and risk it, we have put a poll together for you to cast your vote.

iOS 4 when launched was pushed out for the iPhone 3G and of course the 3GS but that update was pre-loaded onto the iPhone 4 smartphone, however there were a few problems with the iPhone 3G with its performance.

Many iPhone 3G users experienced lagging and some of the speed problems was quickly sorted with iOS 4.1 update, we reported 2 days ago that the new iOS 4.2 GM version as seen a significant improvement in performance for the 3G model so hopefully should be good for 3G users when the new update goes live to the public, but there could be risks.

As you know there are always risks when you download and install new operating system updates and that is why we are asking you if you will risk it, we would also like for you to use our comments area and say your piece about iOS 4.2.

Personally we can see the iOS 4.2 working better on the iPhone 4 and of course the iPad, but when it comes to the iPhone 3G we are not too sure. We will let you be the judge on this one, please vote below if you will risk the update or not.

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