iOS 4.2 iPad/iPhone Review and Problems: Discussion Room

Apple is about to release the new iOS 4.2 update, which hopefully will be Friday November 12th if all rumours are correct and we want to put in place a discussion room just for you.

We have published many articles covering the new operating system like iOS 4.2 vs Android 2.3: The Popularity Vote where we asked “What Operating System Do You Want?’ this was quite interesting because 59.0%, 496 Votes went to Apple iOS 4.2, the rest is as follows:

– Google Android 2.3 (33.0%, 280 Votes)
– Both (7.0%, 61 Votes)
– None of the above (1.0%, 10 Votes)

When iOS 4.2 goes live and is ready to download we want you to come back here and let us know how you got on and if you experience any problems what so ever, we would also like it if your could send in your personal review.

One problem has occurred already and that has to do with AirPrint support being cancelled, we have also told you about the iPad iOS 4.2 feature guide tour video that you can watch here.

Bookmark this page and please do come back and let us know everything, we want to know all from you.


One thought on “iOS 4.2 iPad/iPhone Review and Problems: Discussion Room”

  1. Jim Campbell says:

    Just upgraded my Iphone4 to IOS 4.2 The upgrade process worked fine and the Iphone4 seems to be a bit faster, tried Airplay and works fine connecting via Airport express. I have an HP Photosmart C6180 printer and print directly to it from the Iphone4 using the free App called 'HP Iprint' GREAT! thought Airprint might also work but no such luck, doesn't even SEE the WiFi printer let alone print to it! come on Apple if HP can do it?

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