iPhone Apps Run on TV via iPad Video Demo

So how would you like to use your iPhone applications on your large TV? Well apparently it seems possible if you also have an Apple iPad, and we have some video footage for your viewing pleasure of The Incident 1.3 which employs a new feature that enables the user to pair their iPhone with their iPad and use the iPhone as a controller.

The video preview comes our way courtesy of Kyle VanHemert of Gizmodo and by way of Big Bucket Software. Apparently the iPad is plugged into the TV and then the iPhone pairs with the iPad and can be used as a tilt-able controller for playing the game on a bigger screen.

According to the developer… “You never have to get up to touch the iPad. You do everything from the controller. It works great.”

So without further ado I’ll stop there and let you head down to watch the 18 second video of The Incident 1.3, and obviously not all games will make it like this but there are a few iOS games that would definitely look much better played on a big screen…enjoy.

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