iPhone To Gain 3D ViewMaster Style Via Hasbro

When you think of the iPhone you probably think…high tech mobile, while when you think of Hasbro you probably think…toys, and you probably wouldn’t think the two would combine, but in thinking that you would be wrong.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Marc Flores, and by way of Yahoo, toy maker Hasbro is looking to bring some 3D love to the iconic iPhone and the iPod Touch with a type of Hasbro ViewMaster device.

I’m sure I had a ViewMaster at some stage when I was a kid, can you remember them, the binocular type thing into which you inserted film reels which you could then see in 3D? Well that’s basically what Hasbro is attempting with their new iPhone and iPod Touch device they call My3D which features a slot to slide your iPhone into.

Don’t look to snap up a Hasbro My3D for your iPhone before Christmas though as apparently the $30 My3D doesn’t go on sale until spring next year. So what do you think could this Hasbro My3D become a winner?

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