Is Verizon iPhone Coming with $70 unlimited data plan?

There is so much going on when it comes to the Verizon iPhone and mainly to do with its release date, well something very interesting makes us all wonder if it is definitely coming soon.

We have mentioned a few times covering the iPhone with Verizon such as the Verizon iPhone HAS been confirmed, then we reported via sources that it will be announced November 9 (Not the case as today is the 10th), and of course Verizon has an iPad commercial, which makes us believe that seeing as they have done this they will surely gain the iPhone.

Anyway if you take a peek over on Cnet they report “Is Verizon’s $70 unlimited data plan for iPhone?” this is a point well worth considering.

Last week U.S. Cellular revealed its new texting and unlimited data plans for smartphones for $70 a month that includes 450 minutes, Verizon has kicked back with similar plans introducing the new Verizon Wireless Talk and Text Plus Data Promotion starting at $69.99 Monthly Access.

Do you think Verizon and its new plan is a sign of them gearing up for the new Apple iPhone, AT&T please watch this space.


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