Samsung Galaxy Tab Gorilla Glass Shooting Test Video

If you are thinking about purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Tab which features Gorilla Glass rather than standard glass you might want to know just how tough that Gorilla Glass is, well we have video demonstration of that for your viewing pleasure today.

The video demo which comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Youtube user Metafonic, and lasts just over three minutes of testing the Samsung Galaxy Tab Gorilla Glass.

In the video the Samsung Galaxy Tab is shot using a co2 carbon dioxide gas pistol which fires metal balls which can usually break drinking glasses and windows with no problem whatsoever, but how will the Samsung Galaxy Tab screen hold up?

Well to find that out you’ll have to watch the video below, and there is also another video showing that the same gun and bullets can shatter normal glass, so check out how the Samsung Galaxy Tab Gorilla Glass holds up…enjoy.


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