iPad Skyfire Flash Browser App is Coming: Twitter

The new Skyfire app that converts Flash content into HTML5 has already been released on the iPhone in USA (UK still waiting), but when will it come to the Apple iPad?

Well there is some good news via 9to5Mac, they report via a tweet from Twitter that the Skyfire app will be coming to the Apple iPad soon.

Flash video coming to the Apple iPad will excite so many customer, not too sure on the exact release date of Skyfire on the iPad but at least we know it is coming soon, the tweet says: –

We are working on an iPad version of Skyfire. If your primary device is the iPad, please consider waiting — Follow us for our iPad news!

If you would like to comment on the above please do so below, thanks. Just so you know it looks like the new iOS 4.2 will be releasing for the iPad Friday 12th at 10AM PST.

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