iOS 4.2 iPhone & iPad Release Friday 12 at 10am PST

The main news surrounding the new iOS 4.2 for the Apple iPhone and iPad is its release date and we have some good information that sounds promising.

According to an inside source of MacStories the iOS 4.2 update is releasing on Friday 12 at 10AM PST for the iPad, iPhone and iPod, apparently iTunes update will be released Thursday 11th, the update could happen between now and Friday but Friday is looking promising.

The new iOS 4.2 that will have new features such as AirPrint and AirPlay functionalities plus much more, this is going to be one of the biggest Apple updates to date and we are all looking forward to it especially our readers.

Do you think that the update will be released this Friday, if you have anything you wish to say about the new iOS 4.2 update please do so in the comments area provided below. Just a quick question “Have developers got their apps ready for the new release?”


3 thoughts on “iOS 4.2 iPhone & iPad Release Friday 12 at 10am PST”

  1. James says:

    Never mind about all the enhancements. will this version still drain the battery of the Iphone, drop calls when dialling or come back with "not compatible" messages every five minutes just because I haven't used an official apple cable to connect it to my car radio? I think most users are getting fed up with listening to all the hype about new releases and just want to hear that Apple have listened and addressed the problems they have come across during every day use. Personally my Iphone worked better they day I got it than it does today (iOS4.1) and I'm getting to the point now where I would want to concentrate on a jailbrake rather than the next upgrade just so it's reliable.

  2. Jorge says:

    as far as i know the relase will be tomorrow morning and finally the dev team will release also the new tools to jailbreak the new firmware and unlock the nightmware of 05.14.02 baseband

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