Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Launch Figures Unimpressive

As usual when something new in the mobile space is launched, the market research people do their stuff to come up with estimated launch day sales figures, and this has now been done with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, The Street is reporting that a market research source have calculated the estimated sales of Windows Phone 7 on launch day and has come up with a rather low 40,000.

However, apparently this figure is only estimated and hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft and they refused to comment on the matter, although obviously that estimated figure doesn’t include the 89,000 Windows Phone 7 handsets given to Microsoft employees as they weren’t sales.

Also a T-Mobile spokesperson again declined to comment on the actual number of WP7 devices sold but did confirm that they were “already receiving strong interest from our customer’s right out of the gate.”

So how well will Windows Phone 7 do when you compare with the likes of the iPhone that had 275,000 activations and Android which is receiving 200,000 activations per day? Well Windows Phone 7 is still somewhat early in the game, and may be a slow starter, but if those sales figures don’t pick up then it looks like Microsoft will fail with their new OS.


4 thoughts on “Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Launch Figures Unimpressive”

  1. Binkie says:

    Unimpressive figures?

    It is an absolute disaster for Windows Phone 7.

    These figures are in the league of its previous disaster, the Kin. What's worse, is that first day sales should normally be the best sales, and they will get lower after this.

    It is now certain that Windows Phone 7 has become another Kin debacle for Microsoft. It has done miserably in the mobile phone market, as every phone that Microsoft has ever had anything to do with has failed.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Does anyone stop and do simple math anymore? There is no way that iPhone is activating 100 Million new phones per year (based on 275000 per day figure) and Android activating 73 million phones per year? That's a slight stretch you think? Wouldn't it be nice if when people reported on something they actually stated facts instead of copying other made up articles?

  3. goodguy says:

    btw i've seen Windows Phone 7 and i think it's really awesome. i liked how it brings all the critical information right on the first screen for eg. what's next appointment, how many new emails, which facebook folks have updates, ability to take photo and share immediately, and those great xbox games playable right on the phone, and that zune music and the friend who has one was mentioning that Windows Phone 7 already has lots of great softwares and games available for download and that it has a solid development platform. i thinking Microsoft did pretty good this time. I had used two previous windows mobile phones and i can understand how different this phone looks and feels. i think Microsoft cannot go wrong with this one, this one is really well thought.

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