Nokia N8 Drop Test Captured on Video

So just how do Nokia drop test their devices, do they get a Nokia employee to throw a device out the windows a few times, or perhaps they get an employee to drop a smartphone on the floor a couple of times to see how it fairs?

Well no not exactly as it takes a little more than that to drop test a Nokia smartphone as evidenced in the Nokia N8 drop test video we have for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Nokia Conversations.

The Nokia Drop Test video lasts a minute and a half and shows what Nokia put the Nokia N8 through in order for it to pass their test of simulating a device falling from your pocket and such.

I could tell you how Nokia tested the Nokia N8 but then it wouldn’t be any fun checking out the Nokia N8 drop test video would it, so I’ll just let you jump on down and mash that play button to find out…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Nokia N8 Drop Test Captured on Video”

  1. Floyd says:

    I just returned N8 for the iPhone4 and I am having a blast using iPhone 4. This is the first time I ever buy anything with the apple logo it. Believe me, I have been a long time Nokia users since the first 6310i was introduced. I tried staying with Nokia for as long as I can. I love N8 but Symbian^3 is crap. C'mon Nokia, get your off @ss and go to work.

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