Windows Phone 7 Can Do USB Tethering Well Some Can

You maybe aware that with many of the Windows Phone 7 smartphones available USB tethering is a no-no, not too sure why Microsoft doesn’t want the user to use USB tethering but that’s just how it is, or is it?

According to an article over on Ubergizmo, if you happen to be an owner of either a Samsung Omnia 7 or Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 device you may well be able to use your handset as a 3G modem thanks to a hack which has popped up.

Apparently what the user of a Samsung Focus of Samsung Omnia 7 needs to do is dial ##634# to get into the diagnostics menu then switch over to “Modem, Tethered Call,” and follow a couple of prompts and once done you should be able to tether your handset via USB.

Sounds fairly simple enough so if you use a Samsung Omnia 7 or Samsung Focus and try this out feel free to drop up a line letting us know if it all works well or if you have any problems.

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