Windows Phone 7 Compared to AOL by HTC?

Speaking at the Open Mobile Summit, Jason MacKenzie, the president of HTC Americas, has compared Windows Phone 7 to AOL and apparently did mean it to be a favourable comparison.

According to an article over on PC Mag, MacKenzie praised the newly launched Microsoft operating system, and apparently says Windows Phone 7 has surpassed the Android platform in terms of games and music integration.

Apparently the HTC president was asked if he thought Windows Phone 7 was better than Android which HTC has backed with the likes of their HTC EVO 4G smartphone and others.

MacKenzie responded with, “I would say that for right now, a customer interested in gaming. The gaming experience is very rich with what they’ve integrated they’ve with the Xbox; music, the music experience is very good with what they’ve integrated into Zune.”

The HTC boss then added, “I would say that for somebody just getting into the smartphone space, the Windows Phone 7 platform because it’s pretty simple. So it’s almost an AOL-type approach. And Android is very open — where here’s the Internet; I don’t want that AOL home page; I want the Google home page. So, you know for somebody going from featurephones to the smartphone for the first time, Windows Phone 7 is great.”

Okay, well I have to but in here and say that as Windows Phone 7 is still in its infancy and has quite a way to go, how can someone say WP7 is better than Android in any way until such times as enough devices are out in the public arena especially when apparently the WP7 launch figures aren’t that impressive. What do our readers think; is Windows Phone 7 better than Android?

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