Apple Rejects iPad App So Steve Jobs Calls Developer

If you are an iOS app developer and submit your iPad app for approval to the App Store and Apple rejects said app it can be somewhat frustrating for the developer, but would you expect a personal call for the main man at Apple?

According to an article over on Apple Insider and by way of The Seattle Times, iOS developer Ram Arumugam’s iPad app was rejected for using a private API and so Arumugam emailed Steve Jobs and apparently 2 hours later Mr. Jobs called Arumugam.

After said tête-à-tête with the Apple iPhone guru, the iOS developer revised his app, resubmitted and the iPad app “Economy for iPad” was accepted into the App Store.

Aurmugam later posted to his blog…”The fact that he took the time to read my e-mail, think about the app and then personally call me was amazing.”

Sounds good of the boss of Apple to take the time to personally chat on the phone with a developer, so any other iOS developer ever had a personal call from the top man at Apple?

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