HTC Surround, HD7 Windows Phone Battle: Video

We have a comparison battle between two Windows Phone 7 devices which are available in the good ole US of A for your viewing pleasure today, the HTC Surround takes on the HTC HD7.

The Windows Phone 7 device comparison video comes our way courtesy of Adam Z. Lein over at Pocket Now and delivers just over five and a half minutes of Windows Phone 7 battling between these two similar devices.

As I’ve just said both smartphones are quite similar, but what are the differences if any between the T-Mobile HTC HD7 and the AT&T HTC Surround, screens, cameras, perhaps the Surround’s speakers are much better?

Well to find out about that you’ll just have to skip on down and mash that play button to check out this comparison between the HTC HD7 and HTC Surround just to see which Windows Phone 7 device comes out on top…enjoy.

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