Sugarland Lyrics Studio App for iPhone

Fan of country music duo Sugarland and have an iPhone? Then what you need is the Sugarland Lyrics Studio app for iPhone which features videos and lyrics of Sugarland’s hottest tracks whereby you can learn all the words and sing along.

The Sugarland Lyrics Studio App for iPhone features authorised official Sugarland song lyrics along with their corresponding videos as and when they become available on YouTube, the ability to add songs to a list of favourites, and search the application for lyrics or by song name.

With the Sugarland Lyrics Studio App for iPhone users can also share via SMS, email and Facebook, publish up to 150 character lyrics on your Facebook status or on Twitter, receive ongoing updates of artist catalogue.

For iPhone fans of Sugarland, you can download the Sugarland Lyrics Studio application to your iPhone for a low cost of just $0.59 by hitting up iTunes.

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