Apple Has Not Acquired Bluetooth Headset designer Wi-Gear

There seems to be some confusion whether Apple has acquired Bluetooth headset designer Wi-Gear as it was rumoured that Apple had purchased the San Francisco based company which produces the iMuffs headphones and a Bluetooth adapter for older unsupported Bluetooth 2.0 iPhone handsets.

However according to the guys over at 9to5 Mac some clarification has now been placed to the rumour that Apple purchased Wi-Gear so they could build their own Bluetooth headsets for macbooks and iOS products.

Apparently Wi-Gear hasn’t been acquired by Apple as Barron’s reports that Wi-Gear CEO Mark Punsack has said that the company is still up for sale and Apple hasn’t purchased it, here’s what Punsack said via email… “The rumor is false; Wi-Gear and its IP are still available for sale.”

Word has it that the rumour came about due to the co-founder of Wi-Gear, Michael Kim moving to Apple. So there you have it Apple has not acquire Wi-Gear and thus isn’t moving into the Bluetooth headset game, well not yet anyway.

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