Apple iPhone 3G Loses AirPlay: Video

iOS updates to the iPhone 3G have been slowly losing some of the features such as Game Center and now it appears the iPhone 3G has for some reason lost yet another feature even though Apple stated all iOS 4 devices would support the feature AirPlay.

According to an article over on 9to5 Mac, developer say AirPlay was working on the iPhone 3G during iOS 4.2 beta testing but is no longer working for the iPhone 3G since iOS 4.2 Gold Master which means Apple has removed it.

The questions is why has Apple removed AirPlay on the iPhone 3G when it was obviously working in the betas, although this question will probably go unanswered for some time, but there’s always a chance AirPlay could reappear when iOS 4.2 sees public release.

We have some video evidence that AirPlay isn’t working on the iPhone 3G which you can view below so check it out and if anyone can come up with a reason why Apple would strip the iPhone 3G of AirPlay feel free to shout out in out comments area below.

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