My iPhone 3GS went for a swim: Readers Mishap Review

We had an email send in by a Miss Berry and would like to share with you her mishap of the day, this quick review that she sent in is about an iPhone going for a random swim. Hope you like what she has sent us and please do comment if this has ever happened to you.

Yesterday I accidentally knocked my iPhone into a basin full of water… Oh damn, I thought… Quickly grabbed it out of the basin and then thought what do I do?

My previous mobile phones could be taken apart and sat somewhere warm to dry out while I prayed they recovered fully, but the iPhone doesn’t come apart that easily, so I dabbed it dry and shook it hard, then hit the button to wake the screen. Yes, it switches on, whoopie.

But the iPhone was not happy; the screen flickered and seemed to like calling random people from my contacts, not that I could hear them when they answered… The screen seemed to be effected in the corners as the colour had changed from black to grey.

So I sat the iPhone on a radiator and patiently waited. After an hour I checked the iPhone and the screen seems to have stopped flickering and the colouring in the corners was once again black, and I could hear people on the other end when they rang

Wow… What a result 🙂

Maybe the iPhone is more resilient than I first thought, not that I plan on letting it go on any more adventures, lol

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