Update: iPhone iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Unlock One Click Tool False

The other day we reported on a new iPhone iOS 4.1 jailbreak unlock one click tool from iPhone Unlocking Ltd which was supposed to be able to jailbreak and unlock all versions and models of the Apple device including the iPhone 4 on 4.1/4.2 (here)

Well we have now had several comments from our readers at it appears that the majority of them are saying this one click iPhone jailbreak unlock doesn’t work, with one reader john stating that he went to their website to purchase it and it was only greenpois0n.

Another reader, Adam says all it does is link you to another website where you can download greensn0w, although it did unlock his iPhone 4 but not the baseband so is worthless.

General calls of “don’t waste your money on this,” as it is a scam, doesn’t work, not worth the money, and such leads us to believe that the software is false and should be avoided.

Of note the only comment that said…” This did work on my iPhone 4 v4.1. Not exactly 2 minutes, more like 10. Still well worth it as I can now use my iPhone. It has been a fancy iTouch for over a month now. Cheers for the article!” Was from iPhone Unlocking themselves.

So on the basis of our readers suggestions we are issuing a warning not to download this iOS 4.1 jailbreak unlock one click tool as we believe it to be a scam.

Many thanks to our readers for letting us know.


3 thoughts on “Update: iPhone iOS 4.1 Jailbreak Unlock One Click Tool False”

  1. Maarten says:

    Or you post relevant content on your website….. Just look at the Dev-Team blog (the real iPhone hackers/crackers).

    Don’t buy or donate to any unlock or jailbreak scammers. Every legitimate solution you will find for unlocks or jailbreaks will be offered without an extended hand. That’s how the iPhone jailbreak/unlock community has succeeded. It’s about freedom to do what you want with your $300 device — not about donations, egos, tweets, or “interviews.”

    So, JB and unlocks are ALWAYS free! Good luck and a good day for all

  2. Abe says:

    After three years with the iPhone in the marketplace, how can a phone review web site not know that any iPhone jailbreak/unlock that asks for money is a scam?

    Makes me question the worthiness of the rest of the information here.

    But as is often said “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

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