Nokia N8 HD Capture of Goo Goo Dolls Concert: Video

We have a video for your consideration today of the Nokia N8 being used during a music concert so you can see just how well the Nokia N8 HD video capture can record a live concert, so make sure you take yours along next time.

The Nokia N8 video of the Goo Goo Dolls performing their opening song “Sweet Lie” comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of YouTube user Biggzy who shot the footage live at the O2 Academy in Birmingham.

The video was shot with video stabilisation switch on and lasts just over three minutes, and well if you are not a fan of the Nokia N8 I’m sure you can enjoy a good tune.

Anyway that’s about it, all you need to do now is skip in down and mash the play button to check out the Nokia N8 HD video recording of the live concert, and don’t forget to keep your Nokia N8 handy next time you go to a gig…enjoy


One thought on “Nokia N8 HD Capture of Goo Goo Dolls Concert: Video”

  1. Luvgoo1111 says:

    Didn't sound too good, but my boys ALWAYS sound good! Apparently some technical difficulties? Love 'em anyway!!! I will be spending John's 45th birthday (Dec. 5) with him in Orlando! He just doesn't know it yet!

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