Verizon iPhone Release Date and iOS 4.2: AT&T Backup Plan

The new iOS 4.2 is a bit of a nightmare at the moment when it comes to release date, the reason we say this is because it was supposed to release last Friday and then all of a sudden new dates like November 16 came into play with yet another date of November 24, so is it the 16th or the 24th?

Now what we would like to know is, will the Verizon iPhone 4 be announced on the same day as the iOS 4.2 release date or not, now we would believe that the Verizon iPhone will come after the iOS release because the Verizon iPhone will release with iOS already installed onto the smartphone.

It would be good for many customers if the Verizon iPhone and iOS 4.2 was rolled out together but seeing this happen is hard to believe but then we could be wrong, Apple really has to get this right seeing as Christmas is coming up and this time of year has to go smoothly without any problems at all and this is why the iOS 4.2 has been delayed, they want it to be spot on.

The iOS 4.2 is going to be great for the iPhone but it is the Apple iPad that will get most of the benefits but customers will be happy with both, personally we cannot see the Verizon iPhone being released this side of Christmas and an early 2011 release is more realistic.

Moving onto AT&T and its iPhone exclusivity, should AT&T worry and what backup plan have they got in store? Well they will not sit back and panic just yet because they have an array of new smartphones on the horizon and they really need this. We will bring you these smartphones coming to AT&T some other time but they are coming and they need to sell fast to keep up.

So now to ask our readers some questions:

1. When do you think Apple will release the new iOS 4.2?
2. When will Apple release the Verizon iPhone?
3. Is AT&T’s backup plan a good one?


11 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone Release Date and iOS 4.2: AT&T Backup Plan”

  1. Sam says:

    I would just like to say in response to your iOS 4.2 release comments, the release has never been “delayed” apple has only ever said it would be released “in November” as far as I can tell until we each December 1st with no new iOS apple hasn’t delayed anything. It is these pseudo-apple informer websites that have speculated on the release dates that have made it appear as through delays have occured. The official apple site still says iOS 4.2 for iPad is to be release sometime in November. Thank you.

  2. Nick says:

    I just find it unfair for us 3G users to not have multitasking. If you can do it to the iPad 3G why not the iPhone 3G. Theres hacks out there and it doesn’t slow down speed, as they say it will.

  3. Scott says:

    Who cares if the iphone is on Verizon? The iphone is overrated and hyped, and so is Verizon. I'm not really a fan of AT&T, but Verizon sux too! AT&T has crappy rural coverage, but it's banging in urban areas. Verizon boasts that they have the most coverage… (translated "Your phone will kind of work everywhere, but NOT all that well!) We'll have to see once Verizon's new 4G comes out, but for now save the headaches and buy an Android phone and pick whatever network you want. Oh yeah, have flash support and a better phone too…

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