Android 3D Touch Screen DoCoMo Sharp Lynx on Video

DoCoMo has now announced a new Android smartphone, the Sharp Lynx 3D SH03C which sports Android 2.1 OS and a 3D touch screen for winter 2010, and of course we have a video of the Sharp Lynx 3D for your viewing pleasure below.

The DoCoMo Sharp Lynx 3D Android smartphone video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile and by way of Diginfonews and delivers a two minute look at the new Android smartphone.

The Sharp Lynx 3D features a 3.8 inch LCD display with a “vertically zoned parallax barrier” which apparently enables naked eye 3D viewing. The Sharp Lynx 3D also comes with game, video and photo applications, the user can watch 3D TV and even convert their 2D photos to 3D as well.

Sounds like a real piece of 3D meat, so I’ll stop right there and let you skip on down punch that play button and check out the Sharp Lynx 3D in action…enjoy.


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