Avatar Gadgets Windows Phone 7 App Video

If you have or are hoping to pick up a Windows Phone 7 device and become one of the Windows Phone 7 faithful you are at some stage going to want to grab a few mobile apps from the WP7 MarketPlace. So we have a video preview of one such app for your viewing pleasure below.

The Avatar Gadgets app for Windows Phone 7 comes our way courtesy of Adam Z Lein over at Pocket Now and delivers a three and a half minute up close and personal overview of the Avatar Gadgets app.

So what is the Avatar Gadgets app? Well it’s a $0.99 app that makes use of your Xbox Live avatar and enables your avatar to play with such things as flashlight, ruler, coin flip, lighter, bobble head and level and the 3D avatar interacts with these gadgets.

So if you are thinking about purchasing some Windows Phone 7 apps, head on down, mash that play button and check out the Avatar Gadgets app for Windows Phone 7 enjoy.

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